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Cost & Financial Aid

Estimated Cost Per Semester (2024-25)

Item West Virginia Resident Out-of-State/International Online Program
in Residence Hall
Tuition1 $4,248 $5,136 $4,476
Fees $541 $541 $541
Housing2 $3,128 $3,128 $3,128
Food3 $2,735 $2,735 $2,735
Books4 $405 $405 $405
TOTAL5 $11,057 $11,945 $11,285

1. Please note that all costs listed here are based on campus residency.

  • Strictly online only program tuition and fees may vary
  • Commuter students will not be subject to room or full meal plan costs, and fees assessed will differ from those listed here

2. Housing cost based on most affordable, double occupancy rooms (Goodwin Double). Add $541/semester for Pioneer Village residency or $758/semester for Goodwin Single. A $100 academic year room reservation fee will also be assessed during application for housing.

3. Purchase of a meal plan is required for on-campus residents. First-time freshmen must purchase the Blue All Access (19 meals per week) plan at $2735 per semester. Commuter students will be required to purchase a "Dining Flex" plan for $100 per semester.

4. GSU partners with Barnes & Noble College to provide you with textbooks at a bundled price of $405 per semester through a program called First Day Complete. This service entails a fee that will be included on your invoice. With this service, materials are conveniently prepared for you before the first day of classes. There is an Opt-Out option available to you as well, if you choose to obtain textbooks on your own. For more information, please visit /first-day-complete.

5. Additional costs or fees may be assessed for certain upgrades, services, or specific courses.

For full details about costs, visit the Tuition and Fees page.

Glenville State offers over 100 scholarship programs and other awards to assist students who maintain good grades and meet other requirements. New students are automatically considered for any available scholarship programs and do not need to apply! New students should apply and submit test scores and transcripts by November 15th for priority consideration of scholarships.

For more details, visit our Scholarships page.

Financial assistance in the form of grants, loans and work opportunities is awarded based on your financial need. Students can qualify by demonstrating economic need, usually by completing the . Glenville State College鈥檚 FAFSA code number is 003813. Instructions on how to fill out a will help step you through the process.

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