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WV Pioneer Network

The Rural Partners Network (RPN) is an all-of-government program that helps rural communities find resources and funding to create jobs, build infrastructure, and support long-term economic stability on their own terms.

The Rural Partners Network provides on-the-ground technical assistance to RPN Community Networks, like the WV Pioneer Network, dealing with substantial resource gaps. The community networks are comprised of motivated, inclusive, and collaborative local leaders and stakeholders collaborating to identify opportunities to address high-priority community needs with additional technical and financial assistance.

The Rural Partners Network hires small, full-time teams of federal Community Liaisons and Planners to work with the RPN Community Networks in each RPN-designated state. These place-based employees help their communities build local capacity, identify community-driven solutions, navigate federal programs, connect to a variety of funders and assistance providers, and leverage resources to support locally-led projects.

RPN agencies and other partners also coordinate through the networks and Community Liaisons to support community planning, provide technical assistance, and direct program funding for projects and initiatives prioritized by the local community.